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Thread: Sony Announces Ghostlight to Release Fate / Extra for PSP

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    Sony Announces Ghostlight to Release Fate / Extra for PSP

    Today Community Manager Ross Brierley at Ghostlight has announced that they will be releasing Fate / Extra for Sony's PlayStation Portable handheld video game console with details below.

    To quote: Today I'm here to talk to you about Ghostlight's latest JRPG release, Fate/EXTRA.

    Developed by Imagepooch and TYPE-MOON, Fate/EXTRA is an epic PSP title set in a parallel universe to that of the hugely popular Japanese visual novel Fate/Stay Night.

    At first glance, Fate/EXTRA appears to be set inside a Japanese high school. However, it soon becomes clear that something far stranger is at work, as the school itself is in fact an elaborate computer simulation designed as a battleground in the fight for the Holy Grail, a powerful artefact which will grant the victor's desire.

    The students themselves are either mages seeking the grail, or merely NPCs created to ensure the smooth running of the tournament.

    Summoning legendary heroes from the depths of the past (called 'Servants') to battle alongside them, the mages must battle each other to be the one to claim the Grail. But the stakes are high and only death awaits those who fall in battle.

    Fate/EXTRA also features a truly original battle system, which, despite being simple to learn, has real depth and rewards those with the ability to think several moves ahead. Knowledge really is power, as the more you know about an enemy the more of their moves you'll be able to see in advance.

    The ability to find out more about your upcoming opponent and learn an enemy's favoured moves is crucial, and having to input six attacks at a time means that knowing when to use a skill to break an enemy's combo, or working out which slot would be best accompanied by a healing item, separates the victorious from the vanquished.

    Fate/EXTRA's unique combat system, strong characterisation and clever plot twists make for a PSP JRPG that should not be missed. The Collector's Edition of the game includes a stunning hardback digibook featuring the Official Soundtrack CD and artbooklet all housed in a special collector's box.

    It will be released on PSP on 4th May priced at just 39.99 and what's more, if you buy through the Ghostlight Store you'll also receive a highly collectible Fate/The Facts magazine as well as an exclusive gigantic A1 poster featuring the box art in all its glory.

    You can get all the news from Ghostlight over on the weekly Ghostlight Blog. You can also find us @GhostlightGames on Twitter, as GhostlightGames on Facebook and on our Ghostlight Google+ account.

    [imglink=|Sony Announces Ghostlight to Release Fate / Extra for PSP][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Announces Ghostlight to Release Fate / Extra for PSP][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Announces Ghostlight to Release Fate / Extra for PSP][/imglink]
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    "Latest jrpg" that is the collector's edition of the game released 6 months ago... And I was hoping for Extra CCC.

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