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  1. #4911
    furientez Guest
    ancient or not it can play the same games with 3.55, and why do you care?

    nobody is pushing you to update...

  2. #4912
    drivers66 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rau7 View Post
    Play with this FIX and 4 updates, it works but after running the first race crashes and you have to restart the PS3.
    The same here, but the game doesn't crashes it just hangs while saving. I can move the moto with the control, but it never ends writing and i have to restart PS3.

  3. #4913
    PS3Zini Guest
    MX vs. ATV Alive EUR BLES01192 1.04 FIX

    CFW 3.55 works perfect, only problem CFW 3.41, maybe it's time jump CFW 3.55.

    Reflex MX vs ATV EUR PS3-RiOT [BLES00662] also problem works only [BLES00662_HDD_FIX.pkg]

  4. #4914
    ckf92 Guest
    Hello, no news about jet set radio? and RE6 ? thank you in advance.

  5. #4915
    fox460 Guest
    No 3.55 CFW support.

  6. #4916
    levepedro Guest
    Seeking Double Dragon Neon

  7. #4917
    ckf92 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fox460 View Post
    No 3.55 CFW support.
    it's really a pity. Why nobody fix JET SET RADIO HD. it's really a good oldies. The scene seems to be freeze again.

  8. #4918
    goncalodoom Guest
    i think the scene is going to freeze just like it did when dongle came out, eboot fix magically stopped being released... then announced this is very bad for PS3Scene, just when i thought things were going to get better... oh well time to get back to my XBOX 360.

  9. #4919
    junks278 Guest
    Vigorous handshake for you!

  10. #4920
    hilongo Guest
    The most strange thing is that "if" there is no more fixes due to the method used is not working anymore with the not fixed games... then why not make this method public... so every one can start banging their favorite games until they get fixed or ultimately broken... that's really a pity.

    Then again... I am still secretly hoping that none of this things are true and they are working all together in the underground, finishing the ultimate jailbreaking method that will free any console for good... well... all we have to (can) do is wait...

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