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    Apr 2005

    Red Face Before anyone asks, re: Dark_AleX PS3 iSO Loader

    It's growing increasingly harder to ignore, between quax and maximum con PS3 iSO Loader/Exploit reports are popping up near daily lately, all BS of course, but it hinders legitimate PS3 Development by adding unnecessary confusion and attention in the mix.

    The latest from maximum con job suggests Dark_AleX may be involved with one as follows:
    Saltynuts, the chap that revealed his method to get some selective PS3 ISOs booting on the PS3 has left some rather cryptic messages to us. In a personal PM, he told us "Stand by! http://www.dark-alex.org/ talk soon with good news", previously he has also stated that he has another hack up his sleeve which is waiting to be released. And now he has left a message which similarly states "http://www.dark-alex.org/ standby its coming." We can only assume he's referring to some kind of PS3 ISO loader, and Dark_Alex's website has become something of a mystery recently so perhaps he's been working on this too. Although we don't have Official word on this and its just speculation at this point.
    Sadly (more like pathetically ), the truth of the matter is that "saltynuts" is just the maximum con Admin who also posts under the nick "nazerine" and the non-Admin nick of "brad666" there. Brad is actually his name, and he is indeed a clueless lamer (non-PS3 Dev) who is just a pion working at a Building Centre in Winfield, BC Canada doing freelance vB work for sites like maximum con-artists.

    This is all being done for the same reason quax posts PS3 iSO Loader/Exploit malarkey each week, in attempt to gain traffic from clueless sheep flocking to their sites fueling these BS rumors to other mainstream media. One humerous aspect though is watching nazerine quote himself posting as saltynuts in his own threads, as if he is really two different people... reminds me a lot of Pirate pretending to be agurus, DarkinShadow, TestMV1, Saduger, XeroFlo, and woox among others in attempt to fool quax'ers.

    Anyway, the only reason I'm wasting my time posting this is so that Newbies who do come here won't have to ask if it's true/legitimate/etc.

    Rest assured, when there is a legitimate PS3 iSO Loader/Exploit out we'll be sure to post on it as always... although we have been trying to distance ourselves from lamers like StreetSkaterFU/ICE and the rest, hopefully this thread can serve as a "watchdog" for these lamer's activities in the PS3 scene... and we can add to it as necessary to keep everyone informed.

    Update: To quote Dark_AleX's official mouthpiece/readme writer Mathieulh's reply at maximum con:
    Alex has NOTHING to do with this, and having the site in stand by can be done for a lot of other reason than ps3 hacking to begin with.

    Can any mod close this crap?

    Also zeus should be more careful about the things he newses, rumous HAVE to be verified before they get frontpaged.

    Since there is nothing happening (ps3 wise) from Alex or any M33 member. I suggest him to rectify his news asap, before we have to deal with too many noobs asking pointless questions.

    Oh ! and yes we love linux (although it is a bit slow), we love the ps3 as it is, and we most likely wont start hacking it anytime soon.

    What people really need on ps3 is not a hack (that would only bring piracy) or even the RSX that is no more than a low end gfx chipset having a SLOW bus (so slow that it is a real bottleneck) what it really needs is cell optimisation. Linux is running slow right now because it is not optimised for the cell processor (which is in fact not quite meant to run linux either)

    The day we get a linux flavour optimised for cell allong with a graphic driver using cell for its calculations, Linux on ps3 is going to be a lot faster. (although more available ram would improve things speed wise)

    The problem is that doing so is a LOT of job and not many people are willing to do it.

    P.S. You really should close that lame thread.
    We can only hope one day these kiddies admit they are clueless, and stop trying to spread BS news for hype.

    Update #2: The German scene lamer StreetSkaterFU is still continuing his charade of pretending he is a "PS3 Dev/Hacker" when clearly he's not. For those who wish to play with the Home BETA stuff here are some relevant links:

    http://domain2039109.sites.fasthosts.com/HomeBeta86.rar / http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ERCXBE1U

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    Apr 2005

    Red Face Re: Team PDX updates us on the PS3 factory mode, hardware dumped

    To quote from maxcon-artists (see HERE for their last scam):
    Team PDX (or someone claiming to be part of them) has sent along an e-mail with the title PS3 factory mode and a message which says "the contents of the hardware has also been dumped for further examination."
    Needless to say, it's fake and not PDX for those who didn't know (LOL @ the Spanish in the picture though... Dark_AleX comes to mind )

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    Bakke Guest
    hahah that's exactly what I was wondering. They're not PDX. In fact, I've seen some guys who claim to be PDX but they're not other stuff than script kiddies playing to be PARADOX.

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