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    Zip Fs

    I know it would be great to have an ISO launcher so that we could keep the games on the memory stick in a single file. But the only problem with ISO is it is not compressed. What would be even better is to have a ZIPFS (ZIP File System) that would mount the ZIP as a path/device. Windows XP has it, and it's available for Linux, why not PSP??? The only issue would be uncompressing needed files on the fly (Limitied CPU), but then there is access to the 266 and 333 Mhz settings so there could be an option for that support. Anybody else have thoughts on this and has anybody ZIP'ed a PSP game and know how much space savings it would give?

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    Unfortunately, there's a flaw in your idea.

    There is no such thing as a ZIPFS, even in windows and linux. All you're seeing is a transparent extraction of the zip archive that you are free to interact with as if it were a folder. It all goes to a temporary folder.

    So if this "ZIPFS" existed on PSP, it'd take up twice the memory and be a huge processor hog. No thanks.

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    zip extraction would also slow down loading times hugely, but its a good idea if there wasnt any consequences.

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    ... and then god said, Let there be 4GB MemoryStick Duo.


    As cool as it would be, speed wise it's impractical. It would be like running DoubleSpace or Stacker on your Harddrive back in the day. Nevermind the incompatibilities this would create.
    Didn't the Dreamcast do on-the-fly gzip decompression from the compressed data on the disc? Gzip didn't compress too well, but was not too taxing on the processor, it was done through a DSP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gam3r
    zip extraction would also slow down loading times hugely, but its a good idea if there wasnt any consequences.
    That might not be entirely true. I remember back in the day when Neogeo emulation was new it didn't have zip support, and game would take a while to load. Then when zip support was added load time actually decreased. How and why, I don't know. I didn't get a different computer. I am not a programer so i can't explain it. I know though, that in the past emulators have actually gained speed in load times with zip support then without.

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