Update #4: TMK has fixed the previous four MAME emulators that had a bad checksum on his original release, namely the Konami, Sega, Namco and Taito ones. Those interested can grab the PSP MAME v0.97 r0.4 Fixes and enjoy!

Update #3: PSP MAME v0.97 r0.4 was released today by TMK, and includes a core change from v0.96 to v0.97 along with several fixes and improvements in both speed and sound.

Update #2: TMK has now released MAME v0.71 for PSP r0.2 with changes including a game menu and support for 222, 266, and 333mhz. Also, MAME v0.71 for PSP r0.2dde was just released for PSP r0.2 with changes including a demand driver edition for those interested followed shortly by PSP MAME v0.96 r0.3. The latter includes a name change and 6 editions as follows: NAMCO, SEGA, TECMO, CAPCOM, IREM and FAVO... it also includes frameskip, a 333mhz option, and various screen modes.

Update: Today Inao-sama has released a few updates to the XMAME for PSP port as follows: XMAME PSP v0.1, XMAME PSP v0.1.1, and finally XMAME PSP v0.1.2. It now runs on the PSP hardware itself, supports a few more titles, and best of all sound is now working on the latter (v0.1.2) release!

In related news, TMK has also just released MAME v0.71 for PSP r0.1 for the PSP! While XMAME is build on the XMAME v0.37 sources, this build uses the v0.71 source code. The only playable game for now is Mr. Do!, and the PBP must go into the MAMEPSP folder and the rom in ROMS sub folder. Controls are as follows:
X = returns to game list
L+R+START = finish
L = TAB Menu
R = Pause
START = Start
Exciting stuff indeed!

It's with great elation I am typing this News post... today an XMAME port of the original Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator has been released! A brief background for those who didn't know... On December 24th, 1996, Nicola Salmoria began working on his single hardware emulators (for example Multi-Pac), which he merged into one program during January 1997. He named the accomplishment by the name of Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, or MAME for short. This is the current form of MAME; no longer a one-man show, there are over 100 contributors to the project. MAME is truly considered the holy grail of emulators since there are well over 5,000 games out that are playable on the MAME emulator!

Those interested can grab XMAME PSP v0.0, a brief update of it already entitled XMAME PSP v0.0x, and also the source code. Currently it does not work on the PSP and the only working game is Omega Figher at the moment, however it does run via PSPE v0.9b so expect actual PSP hardware support with increased compatability soon! Usage: Press F2 to Insert Coin, Press F1 to Start Game, Press left arrow then right arrow to answer the OK request, Press D to fire, arrows to move. Phenomenal news indeed!