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    Apr 2005

    XCM Face Plates for Sony PSP 3000 Series Announced

    Today XCM has announced a new line of Face Plates for Sony's PSP 3000 Series of consoles.

    The first 3 colors are: Chrome, Crystal Clear, and Smooth Black.

    More details and photos will be coming soon, and they ship with the following:

    - Includes the digital pad (D-Pad) & analog stick
    - Includes the control key rubber pad
    - Includes all face buttons (start, select, volume, display, audio & home)
    - Includes all 4 main action buttons (2 sets)
    - Includes 2 pcs of new screw driver.

    Finally, these new XCM Face Plates for Sony PSP 3000 Series should be available from all official XCM Retailers within these few days.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Veritech Guest
    The chrome version looks amazing. I've been holding back on purchasing a PSP for along time, but after seeing that case and button combination really makes me want to purchase one. Considered the cheap cost of a PSP and what it's capable of it's really worth the money.

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest


    Mmmm... I like the matte black finish. Makes me want to get a PSP.

    After hearing the news that Sony will have a slew of new I.P.'s coming out some time soon I may actually get one again. And a new one this time, I went through 3 used ones in a month...

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