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    Registered User mangaroo's Avatar
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    is there a way to rebuild the iso?

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    i use 0.8 umd emulator and choose copyload to get it work, also it works in devhook 0.40

  3. #93
    to get it to work with a iso replace all prxes with SWBF2 ones and use runumd version of umdemulator.

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    I have got the game to load but it just stays on the "Please wait, checking memory stick" screen, how can i fix this?

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    does devhook 0.45 load the worms original iso directly?

  7. #97
    My psp loads it, then it turns off.

  8. #98
    this is a great game!

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    Dev hook with 2.71 firmware loads any ISO out there unmodified, perfectly as far as I can tell. This just happens to be one of those games that you really need to read the manual to be able to play, otherwise it's a stepp learning curve...


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