Today warez group pSyPSP has re-released two UMD dumps with a twist... they are ripped (similar to PS2 DVD Rips) down further in size, removing unnecessary dummy, commentary, and music files where applicable. Several groups have done PSP UMD dump 'rips' already, however, they have only sat in their "PRE" directory... whereas pSyPSP is the first group to actually release them. The idea behind these 'rips' is to allow the games to run from a relatively inexpensive 512MB Memory Stick as soon as a UMD Loader is publically available.

To quote the Tiger Woods NFO file:
This game had dummy files probably to help loading times, which were removed along with some music and commentary. It comes to about 509mb which should be enough to fit on a 512mb memory stick in the future when the games will be playable.

We guess rips in the future should become a part of the psp scene for people who want to save space or dont even have the space, and hopefully some rules will be made which prevent the same version of every game being released tons of times.

Enjoy the release when you can, and maybe we will make more games that are suitable for ripping, not just any games This is only for people who dont want to or cant rip games themselves, but its easy enough for most people.