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    World's First PSP Releases by Paradox!

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    Use this thread to discuss them... of course, per our site RULES you can NOT discuss where to get them etc or you will be IP Banned instantly. You can discuss anything DEV-related to them though- NFO's attached below!
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    PSP Releases!!

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    Big News on the front page!!
    Generally when groups relases games it doesnt take a long period of time to see a exploit that can boot this releases!

    Hope we see this soon

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    Nice! Exploit Found - Wipeout Pure "ghost" Save File, Arbitrary code can be loaded...
    The dude has found away to boot code with ghost files of wipeout, scene goes well

    it does not mean that youy can boot the game with it , but it's a good start

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    Im sure that people will be picking up 2gb duo sticks in a little bit better get urs now

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    You can talk about that sure, however, I have a feeling most people here don't know how yet.

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    they arnt playable tho right

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    A good start will be seeking buffer overflows if the PRX's are not encrypted. I'm sure some cool developments will follow soon enough, and like Reaper said ya have to start somewhere... I'm told that isn't how PDX did the dumps though, they did them from a retail PSP.

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    i wish we had a PSP movie ISO, so we can try to create hi-q home movies...

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    Wow this is seriously neat!
    I presume that if they didnt use the Dev hardware, they must have connected via USB and hacked/overflowed/crashed their way into the UMD for access.

    The best way I can think of playing something like this (potential way) is through the memory card or send via wifi. It will be like streaming on the gamecube >_< how fun but the point is, if the media isnt writable I think thats the most feasible method..... of course they might come up with some superior USB interface type thing and will be O_O anyways neat!

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    The only way to stream it would be through USB, wifi is way too slow. The PSP only has 11mbps B networking, which is about 1.375 MBps. That's way too slow to stream a game from, USB 2.0 allows for 50 MBps, which is a bit more reasonable.

    Personally, I'd rather try to run them off the memory card, it would be a much simpler setup. The only issue is that large memory cards are expensive, usually no less than $100. And there are people paying $250+ for 2GB memory stick duos, which is more than the PSP itself :|


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