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    Sensational news, impressive how quickly this psp business is moving alone. I thought it might take another few month's to see some sort of progress, so imagine my surprise when I saw some phenomenal job that paradox have done. Superior work, can’t wait to see more…

    A thought just crossed my mind. Do you thing using memory stick to run games will make PSP work longer? I hear UMD Drive needs a lot of juice to function.
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    If ripped game would run well on PSP, it will make people buy larger memory stick. The more game releases, the more Memory stick sells...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FollowtheReaper
    and again USB1.1 speed tranfering too and from a HDD ? ROFL (excuse me)
    The PSP has USB 2.0, not 1.1, and portable HDD's with USB 2.0 aren't hard to find. But as you said though, that's not going to happen any time soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sykosonik
    Actually, I got a copy of the Wipeout Pure ISO. There's no way I'm going to say how I got one, but I thought I'd mention that the whole ISO is only 250MB, meaning that although 2GB Mem. Sticks will definately be needed for the bigger games, you'll definately be able to get by with even a 512 Mem. Stick.

    Hell, I'll bet the ISO for Namco Museum(assuming it gets ripped) will be under 200MB.
    Yes. The small size of that was a pleasant surprise to me as well. Judging from the graphics and gameplay of Wipeout Pure, I was (erroneously) under the assumption that these games take up a good portion of the 1.8 GB UMD. I was wondering how we would be able to cart around multiple game backups without buying multiple memory sticks (or waiting for a way to hook up some sort of mass storage like a HDD). It's great to see that we will be able to probably fit 5–10 whole games onto a 2 GB memory stick, and we won't have to sacrifice too much portability.

    I'm sure there will be some games that do take up most of the 1.8 GB UMD, but hopefully PSP games will be like PS2 games and average around 50% of the size of the disc they're stored on. Maybe we'll even get lucky and there will be dummy or unnecessary files we could rip out of the images!

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    what we need is for a third party company do design an nice looking, memory stick to ms Pro Duo adaptor that somewho attatches itself to the system.

    thus making larger MS storage much cheaper.

    yeah running from MS would increase battery life because the system doesnt need to spin the disks.

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    create the UMD iso

    just asking again
    anyone get from the paradox guys how they did to acess the umd data? if they acess this running the wipeout or somtehing like that. cause if is using the wipeout web exploit, maybe anyone can find the way to execute this exploit without the game, and make so easy to extract the psp iso´s.
    I have a lot of games here and im so apreensive to take out the iso of my UMD´s

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    They do have the PSP SDK, however, the UMD drive "theory" wasn't how the dumps were done I've heard. A driver was simply compiled with the SDK and used on a retail PSP to dump the UMDs, and for what it's worth I'm told it'll still be ~3 months before PSP images will be fully playable on the PSP publically. Of course, this is all just rumors from their "camp" and I know a few others are working on it also... hopefully even sooner.

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