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    im cant wait more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    realy the MS is so expensive, but I think is much more fast of the usb conection :/
    but thats is no problem. th goo part is load the game from where we can do
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    Quote Originally Posted by TW0515TY
    The only way to stream it would be through USB, wifi is way too slow. The PSP only has 11mbps B networking, which is about 1.375 MBps. That's way too slow to stream a game from, USB 2.0 allows for 50 MBps, which is a bit more reasonable. |

    If you could stream on the gamecube at 10mbps (PSO runs the BBA at 10mbps even though it can run 100) then why not PSP... Load times might be longer than off the UMD, and some games that constantly stream a lot of data might not work... but most of the games seem to load most of the data into ram before playing.

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    look, the paradox guys has explain how to exploit the umd to we do our iso for our games? or not for now

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    great new cant waite to see a game boot from mem stick:0

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    sweet news!

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    Booting games of memstick is perhaps what $ony wants us to do. So that we have to buy those pro memorystick duo thingies. If I am not wrong the memsticks for PSP is $onys own creation. Eventhough other producers manufacture it then they need to pay $ony licence for that format.

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    Actually, I got a copy of the Wipeout Pure ISO. There's no way I'm going to say how I got one, but I thought I'd mention that the whole ISO is only 250MB, meaning that although 2GB Mem. Sticks will definately be needed for the bigger games, you'll definately be able to get by with even a 512 Mem. Stick.

    Hell, I'll bet the ISO for Namco Museum(assuming it gets ripped) will be under 200MB.

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    Glad to see the psp dev. get a jump start!

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    I unpacked the PBP file of the Hello World program but i cant read the files i've unpacked properly. How can I view/edit these files??

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    pxcracker2002 > The reason that you might be getting an error is because you have the 1.50 firmware, and the PBP tool is made specifically for 1.00. This is exciting news, and I am anxiously awaiting a time when I actually purchase a PSP. MS need to come down in price....

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