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    Wireless network security and the PSP

    I have had my PSP for a few months and now that the U.S. launch has come and gone and my PSP lust has waned a little (until the next big game) I keep getting bothered by the lack of wireless security options which I first noticed when I had to downgrade my home 802.11 network encryption from WPA-PSK to 128bit WEP. Maybe for a lot of people this isn't an issue but wireless networks are becoming more common especially in big cities and a little security can't hurt. $ony needs to address this problem for consumer's sake, even though online gaming itself on the PSP is yet to see heavy usage. I have encountered hotspots that have better security than my PSP can handle leaving me out, I would think people who have used their PSPs on a corporate or otherwise non-WEP secured networks have had similar woes. I hadn't seen any news on this for a while except discussions on fansite forums until last week. I saw these articles here and here. Here's a quick read on wireless security while we are on the subject. End rant.

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    yeah i have to do the same has you lower my encryption to 128bit let just hope that sony include WPA capability in there next firmware upgrade

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