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    Wipeout Pure Classic Pack 1 for NA

    In somewhat of a surprise, Classic Pack 1 has been released for North American versions of Wipeout Pure today.

    Blurring the lines between the real and the virtual, this pack features immersive recreations of the mid-22nd century evolutions of the classic Odyssa Keys and Altima VII tracks. Also in this download are the stylish Goteki 45 FX300 ship and matching Skin.

    You can get it now at or through Wipeout Pure's in-game download system.

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    thanks for the heads up

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    are these packs working with a loader ??(gamma/classic)

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    nice! I didn't even know there was a gamma 3! Finally figured out how to download off the web site, which is pretty interesting. I love this game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by john55
    Ya awsome thanks for that, i even managed to download it direct from wifi with the new loader.

    Ps have you noticed, all the music tracks are in different play orders after installing this?

    Or is it just me?
    Yeah, it's something weird about the naming of the folders with long file names (~1, ~2, ~3...). Try moving all of them off of your PSP, then moving them back in order one at a time. Should fix it.

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