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    Cool Wipeout Pure.

    There are 2 seperate issues with Wipeout. I know the multiplayer is working - I've played against a mate and we were both loaded from MS.

    The bit that won't work is the internet access to download the gamma packs - I get the same as everyone else here - the OK / Cancel options and neither does anything.

    If anyone can get the internet access working I'd be interested to know what they did.

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    Big Grin

    Actually Wipeout Pure Does work using Wifi. I meant to say Lumines.

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    well actually ive gotten farther than the okay and cancel button i press okay then it lets me select my connection and then its starts connecting (connecting please wait....) wifi led flashing like is connecting but it just kicks me back to the main menu as soon as it kicks me back the memory stick light flashes once. the loader i used is the one that needs twisted metal in the drive.

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    That is not really new (wab launcher), but it can help understand what's happening

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    awww, well.... what about these so called "new" umd loaders that have wifi capability im hearing about? ill check it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by teedster
    NICE JULES! I got the Ape Escape Rip and noticed the wifi flashing also so we tried playing multiplayer and it worked!!! No UMD was needed in the drive too So apparently UMDs aren't needed to play wifi off of the memory stick it must be something else...

    Apparently the ripped version of Ape Escape has something modified to be able to run Wifi because my Full 700MB+ didn't connect or show any signs of the Wifi light flashing. Also with Wipeout Pure I couldn't get any connectivity.

    Games Tested Not Working With Wifi:
    Ape Escape FULL
    Wipeout Pure
    Wow, thats sweet, I hope someone does this for wipeout, maybe even rip out the whole game and keep the browser intact

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    Woah, when WiFi is on with the New WiFi Multiloader, the sound on NBA works. Now it actually gets to the connect screen but fails when connecting (internet mode). At least Ad-Hoc should work, with this loader you can get people to join but I don't have anyone to test it with.

    About the internet mode, I hope they aren't using DNAS, or something like that.

    Has anyone got Wipeout to work with the new wifi multiloader?

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    Someone mentioned in the nfo for a working wifi loader that its very easy to do and he did it on his games. To me it sounds like the wab loader just takes out all that stuff or bypasses it, and seems that they could just release a fully working loader when they just do it step by step to keep gettin hits or something. Thats just my observation, i could be wrong.

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