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    thanks all for the answers, I understand a little more about the UMD format now.

    Too bad you cant use the same tactics on every iso, rip certian files, relink, dummy them. It probably depends on the game itself what kind of security it had.

    btw I also see a lot of prx fixes, why are these needed? doesnt every iso run with devhook, without modifing the prx files?

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    I've had one or two isos that worked fine until i removed the update folder then for some reason they wouldnt work so I just opened notebook and made a 0k file and named them boot.bin etc. and put them in an update folder in the same location and then they worked fine again and the update icon didnt come up either. I don't know if any else has this issue, but hopefully it helps some1 out there.

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    I have had no problems with most the full\rips I have that do not show the update folder.

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    This thread help me alots, now i don't have to worry about the update icon showing under the game in Devhook XMB... I'm so worry letting my sis bring my psp to school and accidently update it.

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    man when i deleted the UPDATE myself then patched an iso back up the game wouldnt load!

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    Portable Island Tenohira crashes when the update folder is removed...

    First time its happened to me. Trial and error I guess, try it and if it crashes try again with the update left in.

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    same with Exit ... I was said it's because LBA but I thought lastest UMDGen keeps LBA.
    else it works well, I always delete UPDATE folder, it failed only twice.

    I guess eboot.bin and boot.bin are needed if you use an umd emulation (devhook or system menu in daxziso/umdemu) , got an error without (contrary to "direct run").

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    actually with devhook 0.4x, the update icon won't excute update operation

    my way to remove this: create 3 files< "PARAM.SFO" "EBOOT.BIN" "DATA.BIN" > filled with zero(HEX editor).replace orginal update files with these zero filled ones by a tool named "VCDROM Extension". BUT make sure you mark the checkbox "Keep Original File Size".then save and exit. this should be ok.compressed with Ciso can release these zero filled spaces.

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    Well apparently UMDGen doesnt keep the LBA because ive tried everything to remove the Update folder from Exit, but it just wont run without it...

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    what's wrong with removing update folder, it's not like as if the game will freeze. ANd is there a way to not have the upgrade icon showing when emulating firmware/games using devhook?

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