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    Quote Originally Posted by eightsix00 View Post
    because ownership is transferred
    ooohh so i guess there IS a diffrence between downloading games and buying preowned games

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    most reason is UMD Disc price too Higher to everybody... more cheaper will me good effect for PSP USER & same time at the improved Entertainment Industry..

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    I always buy a game, if I find it real interesting for me. ISOs are some kind of DEMOs, nothing more. IMHO.

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    Yeah some people actually buy things when they first came out, I actually bought a genesis for 200 bucks and now its on everything else? That kinda hurts to watch and I believe that if Sony wants business without problems of downloads just make a next gen system. Honestly Sony will be ranking in the money for PS3 and who's gonna try and hack a 600 dollar machine when it first comes out? Oh and obviously everyone I know with a PSP don't know about hacks, reason why so many fanboys think DS is better because of lack of knowledge of homebrew. I download to balance out the money wasted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Bombable View Post
    who's gonna try and hack a 600 dollar machine when it first comes out?
    the chinese for a start

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    The thing is that its aginst the law to do it, and if everyone did just download them to try them and then get rid of them is one thing.

    I would bet that the majority of the people who say they do this, acutally keep the iso's and keep on playing for free. Same thing as stealing a copy, just without having to leave the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWchamp View Post
    Same thing as stealing a copy, just without having to leave the house.
    It's just so darn convenient

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    test it out, if you like it buy it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinsman74 View Post
    I get tired of being ripped off by the game company's. They sell you a game for $30-50, then when you take it home an open it up you're stuck with it you can't take it back if you don't like it, your only option is to trade it in and take a 50% hit on what you paid for it. Ripped games iso's etc to me are a way to preview the game. I like the sounds, movies, manuals etc... they are what make the game IMHO.
    This argument is so weak and many have used it.. You have $$$ to buy the PSP and not the game. If you can't afford the game, get a job!

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    I buy all that i like

    You guys missed the point about why these games cost money, thats because the people that create them want to be able to buy stuff to. You guys take it for granted that games are here but if you dont buy yur fair share what will be the drive for these guys to make new and better stuff. If we dont all reinvest in this stuff it wont be here


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