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    Whatever your prespecitve may be, its still illegal.

    what if you have a bought umd game in your possession. it's it still illegal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jish View Post
    I use ISO for two reasons: For a backup, I'd rather not lose my $19-$60 purchase to some stupid scratches. Second, is to demo the game, I can't stand when I buy a game and end up hating it...(ghost recon).
    ya, because same with the original... and original very expensive.

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    This is a touchy topic. I have to admit, I download ISOs among other things. I download them because:

    1) They're available
    2) I save a TON of cash
    3) I don't have to upgrade my FW 1.5 PSP to play a specific game

    Illegal or not, the fact that they're available is my prime reason for downloading ISOs. I think it's cool for people to try games before they buy them by downloading the ISO. Yes, there's Blockbuster and other renting venues but I'd rather save money on gas and download.

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    yes, available and yes rip em up and try em out.. then go cop a couple, then sell em and cop some more and sell the others.. vicious cycle. all day. but i only cop the ones i liked after i tried the iso, so. boom.

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    Its a demo

    People still buy good quality games (myself included) the problem is these days there are so many games out there all very similar, all promised to be the best and the next must have. Us consumer are tired of being dissappointed over and over again. Game magazine reviews may help buying decisions but playing the game for real is much better and we can judge for ourself.

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