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    Registered User JohnnyDangerous's Avatar
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    Fight Night 3 is awesome and addictive

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    Valkyrie Profile for me.

  3. #143
    although i have liked other games better, i have by far spent the most time playing field commander. i was just addicted. i think i may be over it now though (phew!). any other games like FC for the psp?

  4. #144


    I like fightnight 3.

  5. #145
    streetfighter A3

  6. #146

    My Favorites.

    My favorite PSP games have to be:

    Monster Hunter ----- (can't wait for the next one)
    Ridge Racer
    Untold Ledgends -----(both )
    GTA: LCS

    and last but, by far, not the least


    Thats my quick list that is sure to grow.

  7. #147
    Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
    Pursuit Force
    Miami Vice

    not great fun...
    just a little.
    NDS game is much fun..

  8. #148
    For me..


    Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

    Syphon Filter Dark Mirror

    Ridge Racers

    beithell 2000
    -> I still remember what that guy's saying in that "Ramen Timer"
    'Muscle Muscle, Ramen Muscle~~'
    It's really crazy game title I think

  9. #149
    Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
    Need for Speed (both)
    Tekken R
    Splinter Cell


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