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    Wink What games would you like to see for the PSP?

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    i thought i would start a thread to get people's suggestions/opinions of what games they would like to see for the psp...it can be either games that are already out for other consoles, retro, or even who knows...new ideas for new games!

    i would like to see;

    sega genesis games like; decapatack, strider 2, fantasia, chakan...

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    Brian Lara Cricket
    Colin McCrae Rally 2 (the best one in my book / roll on PSOne Emulator)
    TT Superbikes
    Moto GP
    Ghouls & Ghosts

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    FF7 remake

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    Resident evil, silent hill, final fantasy

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    more shooters with no auto aim. i kinda like GITS cause there was no auto aim and it took skills, wish i knew what the heck they were talking about though. i wanna see Devil May cr.. i heard the first one is being ported.

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    Quote Originally Posted by porjay
    FF7 remake
    yeah i would like to see this happen too!

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    god of war

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    Pong!!! If anyone can remake this game? and make it interesting like Mario Tetris.

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    Yes, FF7! I'd also like Xenogears and Chrono Cross so I'm really looking forward to the PSOne emulator that's rumored to be in a future firmware update. If they release that, I'll upgrade my PSP with no second thoughts. Until that happens, I'm keeping my PSP at 1.50.


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