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    Quote Originally Posted by phonz
    Lets get a petition going for a Castlevania game for PSP. I'd even settle for a SotN port myself. I fecking loved that game. The CV games on GBA werent too bad either. Hell, i even liked the CV games on n64

    But SotN was by far the best

    Hey where do I sign up for the Petition? The new game needs to have level ups, Soul steals and needs to be big like Sotn or Aria of Sorrow or Harmony Of Dissonance. I want it to take me like 40-50 hours to finish with a 125% map completion

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    Hmm... Games I'd like to see for the PSP?

    Burnout Revenge (it's allot better than Legends)
    Medal of Honor
    Extreme G (I still play it on my N64)
    The Raiden Project

    and a few others I can't think of at the moment.

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    hi, me again... i would like to see more games like syphon filter thats for sure! I LOVEDDDDDD that game!!!

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    Kingdom Hearts
    Devil May Cry
    Guitar Hero
    GTA San Andreas

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    i would like to see alien homoid and heli attack 3.

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    Ok IŽd love to see a Sonic Adventure Game, Crazy Taxi and Sword of the Berserk (SotB was the best game on Dreamcast in my opinion) and of course SHENMUE but that will never happen....

    Regards PSPM

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    i know it would NEVER happen but i would LOVE to see Diablo II on the PSP, imagine it Multiplayer on Bnet anywhere!! with your buddies and stuff and with the nice widescreen lcd omg... lol i would love that but yeah one can dream right? But if we're looking for Realism i'd want Soul Calibur and Ralisport game for it.

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    World of warcraft

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    I want Onimusha a new game to be made on the PSP. Oh how I love the Onimusha series, best games I 've ever played and include the Dark Realm.

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    More than anything in this world. (Gaming wise)

    I really would like to see:

    1. Oblivion (or a game very similiar with this amount of the depth and freedom.)

    2. Neverwinter Nights

    See, there is a genuine shortage of REAL rpgs on the psp. All we get are these 'ports' of linear type/kid based/16 bit era games that neither push the true potential of the psp or are simply games that we have already played at some point. I want a game that is immersive and mature that offers power and freedom and tremendous special effects and musical score.

    I know it can be done. Anyone who has played Monster Hunter Freedom on the psp knows that what I am asking can definitely be done.

Closed Thread
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