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    Question What emulators for the PSP work best?

    Looking for answers. What emulators are you guys using out there? I've been trying to figure out which ones work best... ie: good frame rate, compatability ect but i keep getting myself confused. I set up and tried to run a mame emulator a few weeks ago but that ended up in tears because it seemed none of the roms i had were compatable. I know there's an awesome SNES emulator for the PSP because i set it up for a mate. So what versions are people having the most success with? I'd love to get the mame emulator working and probably the GBA emualtor also. Man i love the 1.5!! Please help us out....?
    Thanks in advance....
    Peace Homeys

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    The best thing would be trying the search function. There are already many threads detailing this.

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