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    OldDude Guest

    What to do with Fat PSP 1001?

    It's been great fun to play psp games few years ago. No I didn't saw any new great game because of Vita. I'm owner of slim ps3 and slim ps2. My second-half loves to play ps3, loved to play at ps2 too. The psp is cover now with dust.

    Last time I used it it was when Dark_Alex introduced 5.00 M33-6, and PSOne Classic become playable. I didn't sell it because I was thinking it could be a usefull but since then nothing changed. It has less RAM than current PSP, can't be connected to TV (which is super not-cool)

    I was thinking of making it a EMUConsole, PSX + GB + s/NES + MAME and other... is there a better use of it now? (when I own ps2 and ps3 and decent PC?) I just readed about prometheus project and the "online servers adhoc" but saw that it not compatible with PSP 1001...

    I can confirm that Its in great shape But sadly the DC connector is little lossy so if i turn him 90 degree it wont charge PSP, minor problem. I know few games like grand turismo used PSP as add on (like inside mirror) ?

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    moja Guest
    Hmm, perhaps update it to 6.60ME and enjoy some of the customization homebrews and/or newer games? I actually had a PSP-2000, but gave that to a friend who broke his. I still have my launch phat though, and keep it around for travel.

    I think the last time I played it was to go through Final Fantasy 2 for the first time. Good times. I'm still partial to my phat, so I'll hold on to it for a while longer.

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    OldDude Guest
    Any good games that I would enjoy will be playable thanks to 6.60ME ?

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