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    Cool What is the difference between a Slim & a Fat PSP !!

    Hi guys,

    I'm thinking of buying a PSP at the moment but I've heard that there's a Slim and Fat PSP !!!

    Is this true, what is the difference between then and which one is better to play the custom firmware.

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    PSP Fat:
    - Play firmwares 1.50 and higher
    - Has Infra-Red (you can use homebrews to emulate IR remote controls)
    - Battery can be converted to Pandora

    PSP Slim&Lite:
    - TV-Out (requires progressive capable TV and component cables to see games on TV)
    - 64MB of memory (vs 32MB of PSP fat). It let you take advantage of cached content when you use UMD.
    - Only supports firmwares 3.60 and higher (3.52 and lower are not supported, including CFW)
    - Better power consumption than PSP fat
    - Hardware difference (slimmer, lighter, speakers are placed in front, no IR, wlan switch on top, UMD and Memory Stick are inserted slightly different, back is different)

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    Thnx aldostools for the reply, though which one is better to buy and play games direct from the memory stick with a custom firmware?

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    You can do that with both these days... unless I'm mistaken, it really doesn't matter which you get as the CFW works for running backups on Slim and Fat.

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    Thnx a lot PS3News for the info. Will get a PSP and make the most of it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by aymkam64 View Post
    Thnx aldostools for the reply, though which one is better to buy and play games direct from the memory stick with a custom firmware?
    I say both are fine for CFW... PSP Slim has some advantages, but you need to know someone that have a PSP fat with CFW that create a pandora battery for you. And it is suggested that also you buy an additional Sony battery for PSP fat to convert it in a pandora battery, if you want to unbrick your PSP in the future.

    If you don't know anyone with a PSP with CFW, you should go for the PSP fat preferably with FW 2.80 or lower (because you can downgrade it by software only). If you get one with FW between 2.81 and 3.03, you will need to buy/rent an UMD of Lumines I or an unpatched version of GTA Liberty City Stories. If the PSP is between 3.10 and 3.50, you need an UMD of Lumines I.

    If the PSP has 3.51 or higher or a PSP slim, you will need someone with a PSP with CFW that create a pandora battery or buy one and get the required files.

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    Thnx aldostools for the info, I bought a used PSP today from one of the shops.. I'm not really sure but I think its the FAT PSP, cuz its heavy and doesn't have a TV output like the slim one.

    I checked the firmware version and It says 3.71, I think this is no good cuz you said I need one with 3.50 or lower. A friend of mine has a PSP with a custom firmware, can you please tell which files he needs to send me cuz he lives far away and he can send the files by email or does he need to send me the actual battery !!

    Any help is appreciated.... Thnx in advance.

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