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    Me too

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    Buy your own wireless NIC's you cheaps bastards. If somone leeched my bandwith without my permission, I'd go to their house and beat the crap outta them.

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    At school I search for a connection and I come up with a WEP. Is there any way I can use my PSP or my Laptop at school to figure out the key, so I can play PSP online. Really I just want the wipout browser while I'm in class. Do some research while sitting there LOL
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    Heh, my schook runs a wireless network. I can browse anytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackass57
    well they got some new laptops recently, with xp on it, so hopefully they used xp's wireless zero config utility cuz then id be able to get onto the network .
    that doesn't work with all the wireless network cause some hotspots don't broadcast the wep key . . . for example my wireless ask you for the wep key no mather what so if you have windows on the "the wep key is given to me automatically" option . . . i have try my self . . . on the other hand there's some wireless hotspost that broadcast the wep key on a encrypted signal, you can't crack the signal but what you can do is get an utility to search for the wep key that is recorded automatically on your laptop . . . just some more nfo on the case.

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    Actualy WEP cracking is extremely easy, I dunno what tools you were using, apparently the wrong ones with the wrong Wireless Nic. Take a look at WepCrack and its tools, certain WiFi cards you can use to create a PoD(ping of death) against an AP to cause it to generate more traffic. Airsnort is ok, was good at first, but WEPcrack tends to be faster and require less packets. Though as it should be said with WEP cracking, you'll need luck on your side.

    Also if their using WPA your hosed so give it up. Plus Cracking WEP on the PSP would really be a waste of time, you could use the PSP to gather the packets and then dump it on a computer to crack. Same could go with the NDS though, and considering Linux on that is way further along than the PSP I'd expect to see something like WEPcrack on there first.

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    WEP cracker

    is there any computer or psp programs that crack the code of WEP?

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    I think new versions of the firmware introduce WPA.

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    btw, is there any other good wifi scanners then wifisniffer 0.2?

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