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    Registered User jessethebody's Avatar
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    Question WAB v3 release date?

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    Anybody talked or heard from the boys at WAB? Any idea when WAB v3 is being released?

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    I think they are holding off until the UMD iSO Launcher is released, but as of yet there is no date for that so it's a waiting game for both it appears.

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    thansk for the info

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessethebody
    Anybody talked or heard from the boys at WAB? Any idea when WAB v3 is being released?
    Last I heard was WAB whining when Ps2nfo release there loader then WAB will release theres, wtf is all that about only god knows So, looks like it's just a waiting game now until a group just comes from nowhere and releases one hey hey ) come on someone just release it!! WHAT IS THE HOLD UP!!

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    Wouldn't this monumental project get accomplished quicker if it was open sourced so that everyone can collaborate?

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    So the WAB v3 is an iso loader? Or the downgrade app?

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    Current word is it's a file loader only... in other words, you will still need to unpack your files to MS before launching them using it versus launching full .iSO format files. Time will tell for sure though.

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    Well the one pictured in the Site News is a full iSO Launcher... but it's from another group, not WAB.

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    I spoke to the guys today who have been working on it, and they said likely not this weekend, but very soon it will be released so we will see!

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    I just wish all the groups would stop being gay and just release their crap, no sense in waiting for another group to release the program for the other groups to do the same..........the first one is the one who gets credit anyway.


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