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    Apr 2005
    i know they are working to make this as good as possible, thus they can take their time.

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    What do you want us to say. We need it!!! All of us are waiting patiently but nobody is giving us the goods. When is WAB v3 going to be released? Please guys, just do it already. We all have been waiting and checking back every hour on the hour for the release. We might of won the first battle against the big giant, but we are still far away from winning the war.

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    I'm taking this time to download all the umds i can to be ready when the loader is released

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    Stick Out Tongue

    Quote Originally Posted by tumorenita
    I'm taking this time to download all the umds i can to be ready when the loader is released
    sounds like a good idea 2 me....

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    Jul 2005
    isnt it funny when another dev-team BASHES our favorite forums and news-site.... and the only thing theyre worried about is when the "bad-guys'" loaders going to be out. funny stuff indeed.

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    problem is some games like are 600 MB!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopStoner
    ..try 1.65gig. Midnight Club.

    the time is nigh to purchase the almighty 2gig Duo! that or wait until the brilliant day you can boot UMD dumps of a 4gig Compact Flash card. it will happen.
    Also a usb hd or thumb drive would be nice, then again im prolly just wishful thinking.

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    i'm curious as to how...the load times for games like midnight club will be. it takes less time to read from a memory stick than a cd/umd, does anyone else think that having it on a MS will affect load times?

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    2.5 came out
    it doesnt launch ISOs, but launches any game apparently, by using the boot method

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