AloneTrio of the group WAB has released this entertaining (and interactive, as you can control the character) F*ckTro PSP Demo today! In it, WAB deliver a mighty boxing glove blow to a pink "PS3News" carebear, and attempt to crush "X ecuter" with their pyramid just prior to ranting about them sitting on the official $DK after all this time- some NiCE scene humor indeed! With the excellent graphics done by TLB & Kenet^PDX and as always the very 'keke' music by the maestro Estrayk^PDX, we couldn't help but add some commentary of our own for the very seXy AloneTrio to read, and until then we suggest perhaps hunt down A*H^PDX for what you're seeking since PiXEL8 is being so lame lately. PS: Welcome back Echelon- Cheers!