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    Registered User darknatas's Avatar
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    WAB MS Launcher Alpha released! OMG

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    i am gonna try this out as soon as i get home

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    Yep I played with it a bit (before posting the news) and it's a nice work-in-progress, but definitely not anything too "exciting" just yet. If anyone has any specific game results feel free to post them in this thread for what it's worth.

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    this is a major break threw even if the games dont run they load up thats 1 major step i'm gonna try somethings out with it later on my self... i bet with in a month it will be working 100% i know we all cant wait till that happenes

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    i just tested it with coded arms, hehe

    no umd inserted and content copied to ms! the game freeze at loading screen

    when i put the umd it and start the launcher! it works.
    so i guess it does loading the exe from ms, but the rest of content is loaded from umd ;/

    nice work! keep it coming

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    When you say it loads all the rest of the data off the UMD, wouldn't the system realize that if it booted the executable off the MS, that it would find the rest of the data in the same MS directory too? Just thinking out loud... I dunno :/

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    Tried mercury, this is what I got...

    1) Formatted a new 1GB card I've been staring at for about a week for this moment

    2) Installed the WAB loader on a 1.50 using KXploit 0.3 (as folder DOIT)

    3) Extracted and copied the NONEEDPDX version of Mercury (mercury_usa_psp-noneedpdx.*)

    4) Went out of USB mode (O), straight to GAME/MEMSTICK (Free 669)/WAB MS Launcher

    5) Tried w/o actual UMD installed (actually w/ no UMD inserted), no dice, load error #80010002

    6) Then turned off, inserted US Retail UMD of Mercury, then turned On

    7) Then tried GAME/MEMSTICK (Free 669)/WAB MS Launcher

    8) Same error #80010002

    Hope this helps..

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    great thx for the detailed info

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    tring my lot of backups here, in few minuts I will post an resume in that post.
    the irc chanel is off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeg
    load error #80010002
    I got a similar load error when my files weren't on the MS properly (at first I tried to use the .iSO itself, and after that I put them in /PSP/GAME)... did you extract them all to the root of the PSP directory into PSP_GAME there, and then leave the UMD_DATA.BIN in the root itself? Just making sure

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    Tried Wipeout Pure USA - loads fine but pauses during intro screen , just as the Read-Me stated. Awesome progress anyways.


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