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    WAB Bubble Bobble Trainer

    Has anyone looked through this in a hed editor? It looks like none of the stubs even have a way to access the memstick...and on top of that it only says "Error ! Cant find eboot.bin on ms0" and the memstick activity light never blinks

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    Yep, and they should be calling BOOT.BIN, not EBOOT.BIN also... so likely just a "text message" only.

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    Yea...BOOT.BIN is shown as an ELF...EBOOT just has random garbage (?) in it.

    In any case it's a nice demo

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    hmm, ive copied the game to many different places on the memstick, couldnt get it to boot.

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    Does the trainer actually work if you've the original UMD game disc in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by puerrican718
    lol everyone looking at the ms loader possibility and no one even mentioned if the trainer works lol. It would be nice to know if it does. Though it should work....i think
    I tried it with the puzzle bobble umd in the psp and it does not even make any attempt to read from the umd at all after you press launch game.

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