Update #4: Today MrSiir and VieriCrespo have released WAB Auto-Patch v2.5e Multi-Loader + WiFi. In addition to being a multi-game file loader, it features overclocking and now WiFi support similar to what the recent MUPS releases do, but from the launcher-side without any additional BOOT.BIN modifications/patches required.

Update #3: In related news, today Cpasjuste released PSP OverclockLoad v1 followed shortly by PSP OverclockLoad v1a (which includes a major performance bug fix) with source code and just now PSP OverclockLoad v1b which includes an FPS counter too. All are based on the modified BOOT.BIN files from the previous v2.5 WAB release, so feel free to post all related feedback in THIS Forum thread.

Update #2: WAB Auto-Patch v2.5b Multi-Loader D has now been released by WAB and PsP-Dev, and it includes a built-in GUI that supports launching several titles from the menu. Once again, please post all related feedback in the on-going thread HERE.

Update: WAB Auto-Patch v2.5b has now been released with source code and includes dual patch methods to allow for increased compatability. Those interested can continue to post related feedback in our on-going thread HERE- Enjoy!

Today WAB and PsP-Dev have released WAB Auto-Patch v2.5, which essentially allows you to load PSP extracted images without modifying the BOOT.BIN file. Simply put the included 'common' folder in the root of your PSP Memory Stick, and copy all the PRX files from the extracted images into it. Then, put the remaining game files in PSP_GAME of the MS root and launch the WAB Auto-Patch utility... you should then see a screen similar to the one pictured below- cool stuff! Please use THIS thread for related feedback and add to the growing Compatability List there.