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    WAB Auto-Patch v2.5 launcher

    "This will let you use the original Boot.bin without any patching. Note this is an alpha version."
    So you think this will work with games like Tony Hawk and other games that currently have no loaders? This should keep us busy until the v3 iso loader comes out. This still requires you to rip the iso into files, and then upload them to your memory stick...but because you have to use the PSP_GAME folder name, you can only use one game on the memorystick at a time I am assuming...unless you do some hex-editing of course. Let's try to see what we can get working with this!

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    WAB Launcher 2.5a Compatibility List

    Thanks to all contributors.

    Assume that the Japanese/American Region version works/does not work.

    Games assumed to be tested with original BOOT.BIN.

    Dead To Rights
    Kollon (with UMD in drive)
    Puzzle Bobble
    Smart Bomb
    Soukyuu No Fafner
    Word Puzzle Mojipittan

    Space Invaders Pocket (Loads but does not begin game)

    Not Working:
    ATV Offroad Fury
    Adventure Player
    Ape Escape (Sarugetchu P)
    Coded Arms
    Darkstalkers (Vampire Chronicle)
    Densha De Go
    Dokodemo Issyo
    Dynasty Warriors
    FIFA Soccer
    Glorace Phantastic Carnival
    Gretzky NHL 2K5
    Hokuto no Ken
    Hot Shots Golf
    Intelligent License
    Korean Utility Disc
    Mahjong Fight Club
    Metal Gear Acid
    Minna no Golf (Hot Shots Golf)
    NBA Street Showdown
    NFL Street 2 Unleashed
    Namco Museum
    Need for Speed Underground Rivals
    Piposaru Academia (Ape Academy)
    Puyo Puyo Fever
    Ridge Racers
    Shutoku Battle Zone of Control (Tokyo Extreme Racer)
    Spiderman 2
    Tales Of Eternia
    Tenchi no Mon
    The Legend of Heroes: White Witch
    The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermilion
    Tiger Woods
    Twisted Metal Head On
    Untold Legends
    Wipeout Pure
    World Tour Soccer

    Generation of Chaos IV Another Side
    MVP Baseball
    Popolocrois Story Adventure of Prince Pietro
    Sangokushi V
    Tony Hawk's Underground 2

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    damn thats a pretty short list of working games

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    Jul 2005
    even though it is a short list it is new games.

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    US release of Lumies works here with the loader (with sound no umd in drive)

    jap 1.5 psp

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    Is this only for the 1.50? I have a 1.51 now Argh..

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    Don't "hide corrupted icons". Then it will work.

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    has dead to rights worked for any psp v1.00 coz it hasnt for me, lumines has perfectly but dead to rights hasnt. is it to do to do with the firmware 1.5 update?

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    wow this is great news indeed

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    whenever i use it, it freezes. does anyone else have this problem?

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