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    usa wipeout gets to title, dont know if it work with another umd in it

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    i got smart bomb to work, too bad the game sucks. lol. Why do most games not work with this method?

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    Got Dead To Rights to load up until Loading, please wait... screen. Then it just stay's there and does'nt load the game. Have the backup of my game in the psp-game folder and the boot. in the commen, prx folder. Any sugestions.

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    Confirmed DTR and Smart Bomb work fine on US 1.5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by james06
    what goes in the prx folder?
    All the prx files from the URSDIR directory. there should be 2. one in 'kmodule' and one in 'module' just copy them straight to the prx folder inside the common folder.

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    yea what is the prx folder about

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guran78
    US release of Lumies works here with the loader (with sound no umd in drive)

    jap 1.5 psp
    Lumines also works here US 1.5 PSP

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    doesnt dead to rights require 1.5?

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    with coded arms and wipeout pure (only 2 i tested), you get to the initial load screen. Coded arms has its futuristic font NOW LOADING and wipeout has SCEA presentation screen appear. In about 5-8 seconds the PSP should auto shut down. If anyone is concerned with the freezing of their games, it's normal.

    Basically the UMD checks are gone however other checks to ensure the UMD checks are carried out are returning a bad answer to the game. The games that do work don't have these secondary checks which I hope they knows what they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by james06
    what goes in the prx folder?
    .prx files from that game

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