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    i can confirm that it works with smart bomb without a umd disc in the drive

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    Is it work for PSP 1.0 JAP? I've tried every thing with lots of launchers including this one casue I believe it sould work for Ver. 1.0. I'd glad any answer for me.

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    May 2005
    I guess we'll see now which games do actually use LBA access...

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    anyone know how to have more than one image on the ms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StreetFighter15
    whenever i use it, it freezes. does anyone else have this problem?
    Yes, I do. Freezes at "Gaming Starting Now" or whatever after if finishing patching the boots.

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    what goes in the prx folder?

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    Does Dead To Rights Work On Jap Psp V1.00 beacuse i can't get it to work here.

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    Apr 2005
    i can confirm dead to rights works for me on a jap 1.5 but i do'nt know about a version 1.0

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    it's doesn't work with me

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    no Dead to Rights is a 1.5 game.

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