Following his previous updates, PlayStation Vita developer LMAN (aka theleecherman) recently made available VitaGameUpdateChecker for PS Vita to check for online updates.

Download: VitaGameUpdateChecker-LMAN.rar

To quote: VitaGameUpdateChecker


Vita Game Update Checker by LMAN (c) 2015

As it's name suggests, this tool allows you to check on-line for any Vita game or app updates and display it if available, also it can view the changelog infos for the available updates if exists.


Type Title ID or Drop PARAM.SFO file into the first field, then press on 'Check' button to check online for available updates.
Right click on any column to show or hide the needed one.
Right click on any update to copy it's values or to view the changelog.
Press on 'Save As' button to save all founded updates to a text file.


Microsoft DotNet v4.0

Special Thanks to Proxima

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