Atlus USA Project Lead Clayton Chan has posted up two fresh videos today on the upcoming PSP exclusive RPG Hexyz Force.

To quote: I'm swinging by the PlayStation.Blog to talk to you about our upcoming PSP exclusive Hexyz Force.

Hexyz Force is an engrossing RPG that tells not just one, but two engrossing tales.

That's a lot of engrossing, folks. Either follow Levant von Schweitzer through a tale of political intrigue, war and racial tensions, or play as Cecilia Armaclite as she learns about embracing responsibility, love and friendship.

While most people would charge double the price for a value such as this, or possibly even tack on one of the tales as downloadable content, we are pleased to bring this game to you for the recession-friendly price of only $29.99! (A huge theoretical savings!)

While the two tales are playable as their own separate, self-contained games, playing them both will flesh out the main story and the universe more than you'd get out of just playing through the game as one character. So you have all the benefits of getting a different story with different party with different skills, yet you still have the joy of digging further and wringing every last drop of fun out of a game.

One of the nice features Sting put into this game are the 20 minutes of animated cutscenes. Quality 2D animation and sprites are always going to have a place in video games, so it's nice to see a developer show the care and attention needed to craft things like this.

[viddler id=92532251&w=329&h=545]

Despite what certain members of the House of Representatives think, this is not something someone should be nuked over.

So, you know that Hexyz Force is going to have a nice story and some impressive visuals, but what about the gameplay? RPGs hang their hat on their gameplay, so none of this other stuff matters if Hexyz isn't fun to play as a game, right? Well, I'm happy to say that Hexyz Force has an engaging, complex system for combat.

If you're an RPG veteran, you're going to be able to get right into the turn-based gameplay. If you're trying crank up your effectiveness, you'll start trying to work the Hexyz Charge into your strategy to pile on the damage.

[viddler id=f72114b6&w=329&h=545]

How about a round of applause for John Tubera, our awesome video guy.

Attacks are generally classified as falling under one of the three Divine Aspects. If you use an attack that is the same Aspect as the previous attack, or use an attack from an Aspect that is stronger than the previous Aspect, the Hexyz Charge will build. When you finally break the Charge, your attack will be boosted depending on how large you got the Charge to grow.

In addition to that, there's the fun of crafting and fusing your own weapons, and scanning the world to find hidden treasure points. There's a little wrinkle in pretty much every aspect of Hexyz that you can use to boost your advantage.

Well, that's pretty much all the time I have for today. If I've piqued your interested in this title, swing by the game's official Web site and learn more about it, or pre-order Hexyz Force for your PSP today. It's solid, affordable, and a great value for those long summer months.

[imglink=|Videos: Two Tales, One RPG: Hexyz Force Coming to PSP][/imglink]
[imglink=|Videos: Two Tales, One RPG: Hexyz Force Coming to PSP][/imglink]
[imglink=|Videos: Two Tales, One RPG: Hexyz Force Coming to PSP][/imglink]
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