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    Apr 2005

    Videos: Sony NGP (PSP2) Tech Demos from GDC 2011 Arrive

    Today JoyStiq.com (linked above), IGN and CVG have made available some Sony NGP (PSP2) Tech Demos video footage from GDC 2011.

    The NGP Demos below include Little Deviants, Uncharted Portable, and augmented reality dinosaurplay, and to quote from CVG:

    "He first reintroduced the crowd to an old dinosaur video, which Sony used as a tech demo to launch PSOne over a decade ago.

    Having walked to the centre of the room, Horikawa then aimed an NGP towards an A3-sized image of a T-Rex on the floor. The rep then raised the camera of the NGP up towards the ceiling, to reveal a virtual jurassic monster as tall as GDC's Moscone Center.

    As he moved the NGP down, it showed the beast's neck and body - drawing gasps and applause from the assembled audience."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    sftbdiablo Guest


    I can't wait till they announce the NGP (PSP2) for sale! i'm deff buying one!!!

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    technodon Guest


    i can't wait until Geohot gets one of these.

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    jarvis Guest
    Yeah... cause the PSP was so successful and worthwhile, I can't wait to throw money away on another stupid Sony offering.

    Wake me when this is hacked and I'm allowed to do what I want with it.

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    fabian9907 Guest
    I don't care how much it'll cost. I already know the potential of it when it will get hacked.

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    cyberfix Guest
    I have to admit that I can't remember the last time that I was so unimpressed with a new console/portable launch.

    Maybe it is the fact that Sony and all have screwed the market to the point that it is no longer enjoyable. I will not get the portable whether it is hacked or not as a nice smart phone is just as appealing.

    I look over at the dust collecting on my MAME arcade cabinet thinking it is time to update and start kicking some retro butt!

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    BryanNitro Guest
    BOYCOTT NGP so sony will eventually lose its capitol and be forced to go bankrupt.

    I can say sony has lost a long term supporter and gained a full time flamer you want a safe system get a Wii, but when you want to hardcore game get a PC with Upper 15% Speedwise graphic cards at $250 you can rape any console also guess what no banning it only does everything.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest

    Rumor: NGP named PlayStation Vita

    Sony’s January-announced handheld, currently codenamed NGP (Next Generation Portable), is called PlayStation Vita, if a new pre-E3 rumor is to be believed.

    “Vita” is the Italian word for “life.” According to Games Pundit, who received the information from an anonymous source, “this will be the definite and final name of the new system Sony will bring out at the end of 2011.”

    A scan of the handheld sporting the PlayStation Vita name, reportedly from an E3 proof sheet, showed up after the rumor’s original posting. As with all rumors, take this with a grain of salt. Confirmation / denial should arrive soon enough.

    Update: A source has told Ripten that PlayStation Vita is, in fact, the name of the platform and that the untitled Uncharted game announced for the handheld is titled Uncharted: Golden Abyss. It’s still a rumor, but more support adds for more credibility.


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    Apr 2005
    Wow, if it's Vita I can't say I'm warming up to that name for a handheld game console...

    Apparently Sony has a Vita Dev (vita.scedev.net) site, although it could be a code name as they also have an NGP Dev site (ngp.scedev.net) too.

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