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Thread: Videos: Inside PS Vita: Power and Performance, Social Apps

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    Videos: Inside PS Vita: Power and Performance, Social Apps

    Today Sony's James Gallagher has shared another video segment from Inside PS Vita spotlighting power and performance alongside details on PlayStation Vita social applications and more below!

    To quote: In the latest episode of Inside PS Vita we take a look at one of the key aspects that makes PS Vita the ultimate handheld for the hardcore gamer: the power and performance that makes a cutting-edge game experience like Uncharted: Golden Abyss possible on a portable.

    Get a behind the scenes look at the making of the new PS Vita TV ad 'The World Is In Play'.

    The ad brings to life the immersive and connected experiences you can have with PS Vita and in this film we show how we brought those experiences to life.

    From building a bus stop on a football pitch in a stadium in Prague to recreating an epic war scene with a real arsenal of weapons, an explosives expert and an army.

    As well as revolutionary portable gaming, PS Vita comes with your favourite social network apps - Facebook, LiveTweet and Flickr - to help you stay in touch with your friends and keep up to date with all latest news.

    All free to download from PlayStation Store; here is some more info and some screens to show you how they look.

    With Facebook, keeping in touch is effortless- download Facebook for PS Vita and stay connected with your friends and family, wherever you are.

    Upload your best photos to Flickr and start sharing them with friends worldwide. Join new groups, create personalised photostreams and tell your own story online. Flickr is home to billions of inspirational photos - why not give yours a new home, too?

    LiveTweet is a bespoke Twitter app that allows you to find and follow users, compose Tweets, Retweet and view updates from your friends, favourite celebrities and industry experts - all via your PS Vita.

    Head to PlayStation Store as soon as you get your PS Vita and get connected to the world in play.

    [imglink=|Videos: Inside PS Vita: Power and Performance, Social Apps][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Videos: Inside PS Vita: Power and Performance, Social Apps][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Videos: Inside PS Vita: Power and Performance, Social Apps][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Having a touch screen is good and all but they really should get over it, the DS had a touchscreen and that was made in '05. I hope the analog stick on the Vita is as good as they said it would be and not like the one on the PSP, lol.

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    properBo Guest
    I personally don't see the need for FB, twitter, or flickr on the vita. I don't know anyone who uses PS3 facebook integration, and the camera is crap at best. Who spends $300-$400 on a handheld console and doesn't already have a smartphone or camera? It's like they're marketing vita to some sort of rich 12 year-old who is always out on the town and gaming at the same time.

    I really like my vita, but for the games. If they have to implement apps how about the netflix they teased or better yet, just give me a simple email notification app and I'd be happy.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    What really annoys me though that they still chose to use their own memory card. I spent like $25 on a 4GB memory card for my PSP the other day when I could have easily paid $10 for a normal SD card.

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    moja Guest
    So they want to leverage social media to get viral enthusiasm for the system. Perhaps they want people to carry a Vita around more than a cell phone. Problem I see is I'm not paying at&t to post some blurry picture when I already have a better camera and coverage with my cell.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Twitter app is actually very good on Vita (actually the from all my portable device I use Twitter on) - very easy to use, type and attach pictures - screen shots from your games - nice for the "braggin" rights

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    I want FF: Type-0 to come stateside asap. If its exclusive to the vita, that just might be my breaking point to upgrade to one.

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    moja Guest
    You know, that's the second post I've seen about Type 0. After looking it up, I actually wouldn't mind playing it too! Since it's not out yet, and a US release was confirmed, I would bet on a worldwide updated Vita release.

    500. Watch out HeyManHRU, I'm catching up!

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