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Thread: Video: Z.H.P. Usermode Exploit for PS Vita 3.18 Firmware Demo Out

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    Video: Z.H.P. Usermode Exploit for PS Vita 3.18 Firmware Demo Out

    Following up on the previous update, today PlayStation Vita hacker KanadeEngel shared his Z.H.P. Usermode Exploit for PS Vita 3.18 Firmware with details and a demo video from Rikka Takanashi below.


    Z.H.P. Usermode Exploit for FW 3.18

    From the video's caption, to quote:

    This Exploit CAN NOT run the VHBL or Homebrews so don't expect to much from it.

    Finally, some more LiveArea Homebrew Bubble "Hello World" PS Vita videos are also available for those interested!

    [imglink=|Video: Z.H.P. Usermode Exploit for PS Vita 3.18 Firmware Demo Out][/imglink]
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    StanSmith Guest
    A new exploit. Nice. I guess the next Vita firmware update wont be far away.

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    Video: Skate Park City (EU) VHBL for PS Vita Firmware 3.15 by Freakler

    Following up on Sony's PS Vita 3.18 OFW release and the Z.H.P. Usermode Exploit for PS Vita 3.18 Firmware, today Freakler made available a VHBL version for Skate Park City (EU) that works on PlayStation Vita 3.15 Firmware and below.

    Download: / / ULES00957DATA02_VHBL / /

    To quote: Skate Park City - VHBL (EU)

    Hey guys, Since the 3.18 Firmware Update's "StabilityImprovements" affected me this time as well, I decided to release my patched VHBL files right here.

    Means this Exploit works for all Firmwares up to 3.15! Credits for helping to exploit are going to qwikrazor87 like nearly every time these days!

    However the game is Skate Park City, seems to be EU only and about 164MB to download. The price is 6,99 Euros in the store.

    The compatability to Hombrews should be quite good and additionally there are NET functions existing, which makes FTP-App and else work.

    From qwikrazor87: This game has quite a few good functions so compatibility is very decent.

    There is only one problem with this port which can't get easily fixed: When going to LiveArea and returning to VHBL, the game will crash and you would need to completely restart it. To trigger the exploit simply go to Singleplayer/Load Game and load a save!

    Have fun

    Tutorial: Installing the Skate Park City VHBL for Firmware 3.15 by The Zett

    • Okay. The game Skate Park City, 6,99 Euros in the EU Store, can be used to run the PS Vita HBL at your PS Vita, as long it is running firmware 3.15.
    • This trick showcased in my video, with the download queue, does ONLY work with the pre-latest firmware version, so 3.15.
    • The game exists in the European and Australian PSN store. Apparently it does not exist in the US or JP Store
    • AGAIN: ONLY 3.15, NOT 3.18!
    • To transfer the Savedata files to your 3.15 PS Vita, install OpenCMA, disable your Wifi at your PS Vita and then restart your PS Vita.
    • You should now be able to transfer data to your 3.15 PS Vita.
    • You have to buy this game to use the VHBL! Just the downloaded files will do NOTHING!
    • Why am I writing this? No one reads the description anyways -.-"

    Update: PlayStation Vita developer Qwikrazor87 just announced a VHBL for PS Vita 3.18 is incoming with details below, as follows:

    Good news everyone! Developer Qwikrazor87 (famous for being involved in pretty much every single Vita hack release over the past years) contacted me today to announce that he has a new exploit available, with a VHBL port ready for it.

    Now, this is just fresh and I got the information only a few hours ago, we still need to confirm in what locales the exploitable game is available, test homebrew compatibility, etc... Once things are ironed out, we’ll do a proper ninja release, then a public announcement, as usual.

    Ah, one last thing. The game used for this vulnerability will be... surprising

    In the video you can see a white PS Vita 1000 running the VHBL on the (currently) most recent PS Vita system software, firmware 3.18.

    The PS Vita is able to properly start homebrews, it is able to properly start various emulators, it is able to properly exit those homebrews and emulators, so it can return to the wMenu (the VHBLs default menu), so that you can start a different homebrew without restarting the exploit game and redoing the whole exploit process, like it used to be the case with some games (e.g. Arcade Darts, Apache Overkill and so on).

    What really surprised me was the fact, that you can not only run PSPFiler 6.6 without any major problems, but you can also return to the wMenu after using the PSPFiler 6.6 homebrew, something that was not possible in any kind of PS Vita HBL we have released in the last 12 months.

    Update #2: VHBL for PS Vita 3.18 is Postponed

    To quote: Since Sony has announced the PS Vita firmware 3.30, which will offer supports for Homescreen Themes, the thought of delaying the VHBL release came up.

    Now that Sony has announced their PS Vita firmware 3.30, and with the unpatched Z.H.P. exploit being available for 3.18, Sony has to release the firmware 3.30 pretty soon, at least we think so, which brings us to the point, that waiting until the firmware 3.30 release seems to be a good idea.

    We basically have 3 scenarios:
    • We release the exploit right now, so you can use it at firmware 3.18, but it will definitely be patched in firmware 3.30.
    • We wait until firmware 3.30 is available and check if the game is patched or not. If it is patched, the game gets released for firmware 3.18.
    • We wait until firmware 3.30 is available and check if the game is patched or not. If it is not patched, the game gets released for firmware 3.30.

    [imglink=|Video: Skate Park City (EU) VHBL for PS Vita Firmware 3.15 by Freakler][/imglink]
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    Aceus Guest
    Looool true knowing sony except this exploit not much can be done hopefully improvements are made and more are released.

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    meeerol Guest
    NOOB QUESTION: how do you install the downloaded game?

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    illvisions Guest

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