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Thread: Video: Unit 13 Now Available: PS Vita's First Social Shooter

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    Video: Unit 13 Now Available: PS Vita's First Social Shooter

    Zipper Interactive Community Manager Chris Roper has announced today that Unit 13, PlayStation Vita's first Social Shooter, is now officially available!

    To quote: Are you ready to prove that you have what it takes to run with the best of the best?

    Everyone here at Zipper Interactive is happy to announce that Unit 13 is now available in North America, exclusively for PS Vita!

    Designed specifically for Vita, Unit 13 puts a console-quality shooter experience in the palm of your hands by offering true dual analog stick controls, detailed graphics and always-on network connectivity.

    [imglink=|Video: Unit 13 Now Available: PS Vita's First Social Shooter][/imglink]
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    jacquesjk Guest
    Why i can't see that game on ps store, will this game appear on ps store?

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    Tek9 Guest
    I am going to go pick this up right now at gamestop. Don't know if they have this in the ps store but they have it in stock at all video game stores.

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    jacquesjk Guest
    This game just release later yesterday on ps store.

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    moja Guest
    Why are they touting it as a Social Shooter? Does it have online or something? If reaching for buzzwords is needed, then the game must not be that great overall.

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    Tek9 Guest
    Yes it does have online it has 2 player co-op as well game is absolutely awesome reminds me of Socom for ps3.

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    dsavage Guest
    game is pretty damn good... very glad i got it.

    for any socom/shooter fans that own a vita this game is an absolute must.

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    properBo Guest
    I bought this game based on your recommendations, thanks Tek9 and dsavage

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    moja Guest
    Hmm, okay then, I'll probably get it too - loved SOCOM 4. I've never actually played PSP games online though - how is it?

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    properBo Guest
    ^^ I don't know that I'll ever use the 2 player co-op mode tbh, but the single player is pretty fun. being on-line gives you daily challenges and leaderboards, and with the "near" app you can share unlocked bonus missions.

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