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    Video: Square Enix Unveils First PS Vita Game: Army Corps Of Hell

    Square Enix Marketing Manager Jem Alexander has unveiled their first PlayStation Vita game today, entitled Army Corps Of Hell as seen in the demo video below!

    To quote: Army Corps of Hell is our first game for the PlayStation Vita. In the game you will control the King of Hell, who has been banished and is seeking to reclaim his throne with the help of an army of goblin soldiers.

    Army Corps of Hell is being developed by Entersphere and will feature plenty of dark humour as you venture further into the depths of Hell.

    With Army Corps of Hell we're taking full advantage of the Vita's unique features; you can use the rear touch pad to play a rhythm based mini-game and heal your troops.

    The game also includes a crafting system and a leveling system to improve and equip your goblin soldiers to expand their skills and abilities. Want some rare items? Team up with some friends via ad-hoc multiplayer and take on tougher monsters.

    You can expect to see Army Corps of Hell available for the PlayStation Vita in 2012.

    We'll have more information in the coming months before launch, so keep an eye on the Square Enix Blog for any updates on the game.

    In the meantime, check out the Tokyo Game Show trailer and our announcement screenshots below. As for our other titles, such as FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution, make sure you keep an eye on the official Square Enix Blog.

    We're regularly updating it with the newest information on all of our games. Join us!

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    This game looks epic! Good game for RPG fans who are getting a PS Vita.

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    1Panic Guest
    Wow SE doing some wacky hardcore hack and slash game?... That's totally unlike them. lol I know I've seen some wacky games from them in the past, even a sports game or two but this is nuts. lol... and frankly it doesn't look good at all. Looks like it'll be like a 3 hour game and then its over.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    What a strange video and game. I agree to 1Panic the game really doesn't look good.Seems for me to make quick money. I really hope they working on a other better game for the vita.

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