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Thread: Video: Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita: Tough Choices, Colossal Bosses

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    Video: Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita: Tough Choices, Colossal Bosses

    Sony Producer Kumi Yuasa has posted up a video today spotlighting the tough choices and colossal bosses in Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita below.

    To quote: Soul Sacrifice is, as its name suggests, a game that asks the player to make an ultimate decision. It happens every time you defeat an enemy, actually - a choice to either save the enemy's soul, or sacrifice it for your own gain.

    How you customize your character in this regard is crucial, since you're going to go up against some very large enemies. That scale, and the importance of making the player truly feel it, is at the heart of this piece from composer Wataru Hokoyama:

    "An unbelievably gigantic enemy appears before you. For this piece, I focused on bringing out the full potential of a full scale orchestra by using bold orchestration to depict the immeasurable sense of scale of the enemy's size and power. I hope the score will make the players feel like, "there is no way I can beat an enemy with this kind of scale." - Wataru Hokoyama

    Because there are gigantic, powerful enemies, it's important to build your character's stats and levels. Your decision of saving or sacrificing will affect what type of character you want to build.

    Save and Sacrifice

    When you defeat an enemy, it will be in critical condition. You can approach it and decide to either Save it or Sacrifice it, each with differing consequences. You can perform both actions by approaching an ally in critical condition as well.

    If you decide to Save, you will share a portion of your health with the enemy or ally in order to help them recover. If you choose to Sacrifice, you will gain access to a powerful spell.

    Saving will recover a bit of health and increase your Life LV gauge. Once the gauge is full, your Life LV will increase boosting your defense. Also the health gained from healing magic, and the amount of health recovered when Saving will increase.

    Sacrificing will slightly rejuvenate the number of times you can use an Offering and increase your Magic LV gauge. Once the gauge is full, your Magic LV will increase, boosting your attacks. Also the amount of recovering an Offering when Sacrificing an enemy will increase.

    We know fans are eager for in-game footage of the content above, and of the many other exciting features Soul Sacrifice has to offer. Keep checking the blog; there's plenty more to come! Soul Sacrifice for PlayStation Vita comes to North America on April 30th!

    [imglink=|Video: Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita: Tough Choices, Colossal Bosses][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita: Tough Choices, Colossal Bosses][/imglink]
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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Seems like a not bad rogue-alike game.

    But I'll surely wait for the demo prior to buying.

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