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    Apr 2005

    Video: Sony Officially Welcomes PS Gamers to PlayStation Vita

    Sony Senior Social Media Specialist Rey Gutierrez has shared a video today officially welcoming PlayStation gamers to their new PS Vita handheld console.

    To quote: PlayStation is just days away from embarking on another historic console journey with the launch of PS Vita - the most ambitious entertainment device you've ever held in your hands.

    PS Vita was first unveiled to the world as NGP, the "Next Generation Portable," in January 2011 and formally christened as PS Vita during E3.

    In the time leading up to the big global launch day on February 22nd, we chronicled the designers as they created the world's most advanced handheld gaming system and heard from some of the most-respected game developers in the business.

    We also recently revealed what's in the box for the PS Vita First Edition Bundle launching to early adopters on February 15th. Today, we wanted to welcome you to our world with this new video.

    Guy Longworth, Senior VP of PlayStation Brand Marketing, and John Koller, Senior Director of PlayStation Handhelds, show you everything you need to know to enjoy the out-of-box experience moments after you wake your PS Vita for the first time.

    The day we've been waiting for is nearly here! Remember, kids: Never. Stop. Playing.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    personally i never really liked hand helds apart from the nintendo game and watch donkey kong.. LOL

    tempted but no sale.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Yeah, I would never buy a handheld when I can get a home console for the same price.

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    dovez0 Guest
    have played the vita at a special invitational event, is an excellent piece of kit, but cost of games is a bit high though and you cannot play it without buying a memory card and can only have one account on it which saves to card, if you want to make a new account you have to factory reset and start all over again as if just starting out as for the 3g expensive are working with vodafone for this part and have not revealed cost of this as yet but can use any sim in it as long as have 3g in your area.

    if not then not worth the price tag of 279.99 better of with wifi at 229.99, the memory cards start from 24.99 for a 4gb up to over 100 for a 32gb card, and can only use a ps vita memory card made by sony.

    then you have the games Uncharted Golden abyss excellent graphics but price ranging from 34.99 - 44.99, very steep price, wipeout 2048 great especially if playing on vita and someone on ps3 no split screen both use full screen i.e. ps3 player has his player full screen and vita uses the full screen on vita for the vita player can access your ps3 away from home with both wifi and 3g, but price is definitely a bit steep even with all the amazing features.

    will buy one but when price comes down a bit.

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    moja Guest
    I have one preordered for launch (a wifi version), but am wondering about the initial money involved. As much as I like Uncharted, I am not willing to plunk $50 for a portable version.

    Don't really mind spending full price as I think a price drop will happen around Christmas to about only $200, but hopefully homebrew will pick up. I've been playing the PSP to get warmed up, and I can't wait to see how much better the experience is.

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