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    Feb 2006

    Video: PSPGo Play with PS3 Controller Connected via Bluetooth

    Today Japanese site PSPGadgetZ (linked above) have posted a video demonstrating how to play the PSPGo console using a PS3 controller.

    Now this is pretty cool, being able to play the PSP Go using the PS3's controller via Bluetooth.

    With that, and the Bluetooth capabilities of connecting to your phone to be online, this is truly the handheld to beat now!

    Check out their PSPGo play with Bluetooth connected PS3 Controller Test video below.

    Enjoy guys!

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    Aug 2009
    wow, might be the time to get a psp, that's really hot, specially being able to play fps on the go using the ps3 controllres with both analog sticks

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    Oct 2009
    It's a good feature and I do like it, but does anyone else think it defeats the object of a portable machine somewhat? I wouldn't want to lug around a pad as well as the PSP.

    Still - I like it, and it's definitely useful when you're at home.

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    Oct 2009
    I also feel it is a good feature to have, but isnt the controller bigger than the pspgo? Isnt it kinda pointless to do that? Pretty cool though. For me it would be a waste of time to do.

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