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Thread: Video: PSP Phone Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Ad Leaked

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    Video: PSP Phone Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Ad Leaked

    It appears the PSP Phone Sony Ericsson Xperia Play ad has leaked and hit the Internet, and many are labeling it as weird.

    DroidnyttNorge has uploaded the video to YouTube (below) stating the Norwegian Android Web site got hold of a commercial for the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

    To quote: "The commercial tries to depict that "Android is finally read to play as shows the final design of the PS Phone aswell as its official name"

    The commercial doesn't look like it's fake and we can assure you that you can expect an official announcement soon."

    Those interested can check it out below!

    [imglink=|Video: PSP Phone Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Ad Leaked][/imglink]
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    heartagram62 Guest
    Looks ok but I think I'll wait for the NGP, got bored with the PSP a long time ago. Adding a phone to it will not be a selling point for a lot of people, although I may be wrong.

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    SaveU Guest
    You are looking at it backwards. They are not adding a phone to a psp... they are adding a psp to a phone.

    If you had two android phones to look at, and all else being equal, but one having the ability to download and play games from psn... would that make a difference?

    To me, if the price difference isnt huge, it would sway my decision. As long as this has all the compatability/apps/and functionality of any other premium android phone. Although psp games might be annoying without the nub.

    However, all other games that like to use those on screen touch dpad and buttons would be much better (phone games, such as zenonia.)

    I'm interested to see this after release... may be a tossup between this and iphone4 in dec2011 when its contract renewal time.

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    heartagram62 Guest
    Yes ok I can see your point but I have the iPhone 4 and rarely play games on it so adding a PSP to a phone with not sell it to me.

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    chomps268 Guest
    This is so not appealing to me This phone better come with like 3 chargers lol...

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    heyyoudienow1 Guest
    it might be the next best thing to a ps3 imagined all the hacks that's going to come out for it lol. i can't wait, start making hack for this phone guys i would love to see some of your work. i bet i will be use the most hacking the ps3 if sony can put hold to our fun that will break all unlock the ps3 completely.. you heard it first from me, and watch it happen as soon as it gets out. yea hackers!

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