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    cfwprophet Guest
    Let's hope for a release so that the Custom FirmaWare Enabler could be also ported to new unflash able boards with a 6.20 fw.

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    T81 Guest
    ok guys hi, so when I bought my psp 3000 I updated it to 6.10 I'm so scared right now, If this comes out will I have to update to 6.20 or I can use this on 6.10 because I don't know how to update it only to 6.20 what if it goes further? any advice thanks.

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    aamir007 Guest
    Hope this comes out soon got a psp 3001 lying about which was accidentally upgraded to 6.20 wouldn't mind adding it to the modded collection of mine (Includes lots of Sony devices funnily enough )

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    So Solid Jedi Guest
    This is interesting, Its about time we see some new developments with the PSP 3000 units and higher firmwares. The scene is a mess right now with people stuck with 5.50Gen D or stay on dark alex's M33-6. Maybe now we can get CFW 6.20.

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    cSharpShooter Guest
    Haven't touched my 3001 for a while. Hopefully, this will be out before Ghost of Sparta's release. It will be nice too if there is a PSP emulator in JB PS3.

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    T81 Guest
    I think that MrGamerSuper from russia is running psp games on jbps3

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    drLipton Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by T81 View Post
    I think that MrGamerSuper from russia is running psp games on jbps3
    That one has been confirmed as fake.

    Hope this one is going to be released soon.

    read that Total_Noob only been able to run

    - Tetriabetes
    - Geometry Wars
    - Toy Wars
    - Mario machism
    - Skullgrog

    Are not these already playable with the HBL? Could it be that all the restrictions associated with HBL still exists in this kernel exploit?

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Hi all. Wololo updated his page with a link to FAQ.

    But even better news is that Total_Noob said in his blogspot the following:

    Now the HEN supports 92% of the homebrews. With the NID Translator (30% done, veeery boring), I can run homebrews with prx, like: PSPDisp, CSPSP Online, FUSA, LightMp3, PMPPlayer, Go!Tube PRXDecrypter, Psardumper and etc.

    Some VLF homebrews crashes, I'll resolve this problem

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    Seraphic Guest
    Haven't had a chance to use my PSP-2000 (Japanese) in awhile, but it's still on 5.00 M33 (I think it was).

    Be nice to get a newer CFW to upgrade too.

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