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    Video: PSP Debug Firmware Running on a Retail PSP Console

    Well there is not much information yet pertaining to how this was done, but video proof has been provided as can be seen below courtesy of 0JOhnJAck0.

    Now what is the significance of this you may ask. First off, I think its pretty obvious that this could not be done before. So this demonstrates just how far devs have gone with their knowledge of the PSP.

    Of course one cannot help but to wonder if this will lead to any discoveries on Sony's other gaming device, the PS3.

    Until more information about how exactly this was achieved on the PSP is released, we can only hope that it may assist in getting PS3 debug firmware running on the retail PS3.

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    Another excellent discovery and when more news is released I can see the potential, but, is the PSP going to have the longevity to keep digging for more or will the focus move completely to the PS3 until a potential PSP2?

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    Honestly i think the PSP scene is in a very sad state right now. I mean don't get me wrong, the discoveries and progress made on the device has been awesome. But the groups and devs themselves, all the fighting and bittering and stealing and distrust... i hate it.

    What's worse is that the PS3 scene is still relatively in its infancy and similar trends can already be noticed. I guess mankind will always be his own downfall.

    After some thinking about this topic... I have little expections from it now as the method used to get the debug firmware to run could have been anything from decrypting and modifying it to run or modifying the retail firmware to allow it to be flashed with the debug. In both cases would require the running of unsigned code... which we currently do not have on the ps3.

    Of course this is merely my own opinion and i could be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jevolution View Post
    Of course this is merely my own opinion and i could be wrong.
    Nice, a disclaimer! Looks like you'll begin to understand a lot of things (by taking in the perspective of areas)... I expect this to be the first of many great speculations from jevolution

    O and you are right about everything you said, in my opinion, as well.

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    Nice find. How do you do it and where can I get it?

    What will the devs find next?

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    I got a question about the debug firmware for the psp: Does this make CFW needless, because we can run homebrew as well or what are the expectations from a debug firmware on a psp (apart from running debug fw on ps3)?

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    Unhappy re

    why do they never share the files for others to test.. really anoying when they dont share then maybe we can all get more ahead faster in hacking ps3 ect.

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    Files like the SDK are signed. If they leak the files, Sony knows who leaked. And you know what happends with those poor people....

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    I bet this might lead to homebrew on the psp 3000 if the files are leaked.

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    thats awesome, hopefully something good comes from this.. if only someone would leak the debug psp firmware like they do for ps3.

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