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Thread: Video: PSP 5.03 (HEN) Demo Available from Team Typhoon

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    urbanracer34 Guest

    Video: PSP 5.03 (HEN) Demo Available from Team Typhoon

    A new video has emerged on the Internet from Team Typhoon, showing off a new HEN exploit for the semi-recent 5.03 firmware.

    Here's his little note about the video:

    This is a demo of the 5.03 firmware running the tiff exploit and booting into a HEN environment on a PSP 2003 (3000 Support also) on 5.03 Official Firmware.

    This proves that the code survives a reboot and the system software and MAC address can be changed. This is something that only can be done with a kernel exploit.

    A video launching homebrew will be posted later.

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    KORDiAN Guest
    Anyone got a 5.03 update eboot?

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    KORDiAN Guest
    I tried it over 50 times on PSP-2004 - worked twice but wasn't able to run any homebrew (gpSP, PSP revolution, Light MP3)

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