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Thread: Video: PSP-3000 Arrives Sporting a New TA-93 Motherboard

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    Video: PSP-3000 Arrives Sporting a New TA-93 Motherboard

    Today killininiou has shared a video of a red PSP-3000 unit that arrived sporting a new TA-93 motherboard.

    To quote, roughly translated: A new PSP-3000 motherboard has been discovered. Apparently the changes are for economic reasons (cheaper components). Also the CPU has been updated.

    Flasher, our Chief hacker in the habit of finding new motherboard in the PSP. This time, he found a new generation of motherboard and c'estdonc of this we will converse.

    Today, he went to buy a PSP 3000 red, and as always, we began to disassemble. The surprise was great when he noticed that the guts of the beast, not as it should.

    - A new motherboard sweet name of TA-93.
    - A change in the mountings of the trigger.
    - A change in attaching the spring to open the UMD cover.
    - A change of color for the son of the electrical outlet.

    [imglink=|Video: PSP-3000 Arrives Sporting a New TA-93 Motherboard][/imglink]
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    spark32 Guest
    Can someone please fix this post? I thought I was just a terrible reader when I read things twice, then I noticed that it was every line.

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    I cleaned it up some... gotta love when Google translator outputs two versions of the same text.

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    SolidSnakeEyes Guest
    Hah yeah, I read that earlier and thought I was going crazy for a minute.

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