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  1. #61
    ConsoleDev Guest
    For who missed the 2 previous kernel exploit, it seems that probably a new exploited game will be announced soon

    From wololo:

    So, you missed both the Urbanix and Mad Blocker Alpha exploits? Seems like Frostegater might have something for you…

    Remember when I said there would probably be no new exploit release for a long time? Well, it seems I spoke a bit too soon.

    Developer Frostegater, who was behind the Mad Blocker Alpha exploit (which TN ported to his eCFW) started a poll yesterday on our forums to see how many of you would be interested by a new exploit release that would bring TN’s Kernel exploit to even more people. The answers are mixed, but it is showing that a significant amount of people indeed missed both the Urbanix and the Mad Blocker Alpha exploits.

    If you’re one of these people (or if on the contrary you strongly think a new exploit should *not* be released), raise your voice and vote in Frostegater’s poll here. But based on the current numbers, I’m pretty convinced the release is going to happen. This will probably be through one of our Ninja releases, although the people behind the exploit might want to go a different route…

    Again, there are pros and cons to such a release. If this gets released now, it only benefits the few people who already missed 2 exploits, but if the hackers wait for a firmware update by Sony, then the exploit will be less useful since we can safely assume that TN’s kernel exploit will be patched with the next Firmware… (still confused? Check for an explanation of the difference between the user mode and kernel exploits involved in this hack, here)

    Well, either way, stay tuned, and if you already got CN’s eCFW running on your Vita, be a kind soul, and let your friends know, so that they don’t miss out for a third time!

  2. #62
    Renold Guest
    ...this time... for sure...

    Realistic thinking: I already know that due to time zones differences the ninja release will happen when I will be fast asleep and I will miss it this time too. I feel it.

    They are too quick to take down games from the store. Too darn quick.

  3. #63
    wyldstallyn Guest
    ninja released happen DAYS before the public release and the game gets taken down. plus there are always people giving away hints if you're not on the earlier side of the release.

  4. #64
    StanSmith Guest
    The last ninja release was announced days before the exploit and Sony only removed it from PSN when the exploit was released. So as soon as its announced you have a while before its taken down. If they wait a week or a month it should still be available in the PSN store till the exploit is released.

    Pretty stupid of Sony to remove a game if there is no exploit so they wait for that to get released then remove it.

  5. #65
    ConsoleDev Guest
    The name of the new exploited game has been revealed (not pubblically for all yet).

    I don't care to much because i have already gotten Urbanix, but who missed the two previous game should be ready for the next few days

  6. #66
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Thanks, There's no info about it from the source I hoped to see

  7. #67
    Renold Guest
    Thanks. Can't see the name where it's supposed to appear on their site, and it's been 7 hours already.

    Who knows.

  8. #68
    brintanyo Guest
    The new psp game exploit for ps vita (confirmed by insider from ninja release) is Gravity Crash, so be quick before sony pull this game from the ps store!

  9. #69
    ConsoleDev Guest
    Well done, seriously, now you can be proud of yourself..

    It is called "Ninja Release" for a reason, but seems that nobody cares

  10. #70
    sharred Guest
    There is an article at pspgr.net that might help identify the game of the new ninja release but I don't understand a word, it's all Greek to me. Anyone bother's to translate it in english?

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