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    Jun 2012
    Ok, it works. I suggest you to put Coldbird's FTP for VITA in your console (inside NPEG00020DATA01) and install it. It's very useful.
    Remember to turn on the wifi when you use it and that if you leave it there without doing nothing for some minutes at all it shuts down.

    Playing Gungnir with a couple of cwcheats activated and I have no problems at all.

    You have just to get used to how things works on the Vita (structure for the homebrews, where they go, names in caps (extensions too!!), max 8 characters, and so on...).

    If, when you move a folder from pc to the root of the ms you don't see it, just close the ftp connection on pc, close the program (i use filezilla), start it again and connect to the Vita ftp again and it should be there.

    Or just create a new folder on the root of the ms, rename it (seplugins for example) and just put the contents in it from the folder on your pc.

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    Oct 2012
    Please try and use english on the forums, use google translate if you are having difficulty with the translation.

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    Google Translate: Yes I have struck again with a do I just want to say again for the record that it does not include instructions on how to install homebrew and / or Isos. And I do not support piracy, eh!

    Still a lot of fun with the install Tut + files.

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    Hey PS3GAMER20111 thanks for the assist, +repped you and liked

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    Welcome buddy.

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    maybe someone is on the cfw 4.21 can copy Gravity Crash full game to the ps3 and den day can copy to usb den day can give it to a friend so day can play the emulators on the VITA

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    I just can't stress enough how awesome is to play psp games on the bigger OLED screen, comparing to good ol' psp2000 screen.

    Wihout a doubt, it's a good fresh breathe into psp games again.

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    I tried copying my 3rd birthday backup and every time it crashes my laptop at about 90% of transfer.

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    Check on the free space on memory card.

    Also, if you're transfering via CMA, try via FTP and vica versa

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    I really don't understand how anyone can "miss" an exploit. I don't follow PSV news, but every other scene can just back up whatever game is needed. Is that not possible on the Vita?

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